Call for Contributions to the Special Issue of LOVA Journal nr. 42, December 2021

Since the start of the #MeToo movement in October 2017, experiences of intimidation and sexual harassment of (women) scientists at universities are no longer denied or dismissed. However, the issue of safety during fieldwork remains rarely addressed. As doing fieldwork requires close relationships with informants in unfamiliar settings, researchers often find themselves in vulnerable positions. Despite studies indicating that experiences of sexual intimidation are relatively common, discussions on the topic have remained in the margins of academic debates. LOVA’s Working Group Safety in the Field invites contributions to a Special Issue of the annual LOVA Journal around this theme.

A webinar on this topic will be hosted on May 27 and 28, 2021.

With this Special Issue, we aim to reflect on the impact of harassment and intimidation in the field and how this relates to the way we think of ‘the ethnographer’ within academia. Keeping in mind the effects of the corona pandemic on the way we conduct fieldwork, we understand the field both in its on- and offline form and include virtual and remote field sites in our definition of ‘the field’.

We invite contributors to consider the following and other questions:
˗ Reflections on personal fieldwork experiences with balancing between academic success and individual well-being: e.g. how did you negotiate your professional and personal identities in the field? Which problems came up and what were the implications for your career and/or personal life? How do we navigate personal and professional boundaries when conducting digital ethnography?
˗ Reflections upon how personal experiences impacted the researcher’s understanding of ‘the ethnographer’: e.g. how should this concept be transformed when we take gendered personal and professional vulnerability in the field into account?
˗ Reflections upon the challenges of ethnography as an embodied and gendered practice: e.g. how does a re-conceptualisation of ‘the ethnographer’ affect the way we construct ethnographic knowledge?

Contributions should have one of the formats below:
• Research article – 4000-6000 words
• Essay – 2000 words
• Book review – 500 words
• Column – 500 words
• Photo essays with two to six images – 500 words

Proposals for a contribution of no more than 300 words and a short biographical statement of max. 50 words can be submitted to before June 14, 2021. Please clarify in which format you aim to contribute.