Confirmed speakers for the LOVA Winter School 2021

We are delighted to share a preliminary list of confirmed speakers with you: 

** Registration for the Winter School on Motherhood and Feminism is still possible. You can read the Call for Applications here **

Prof. Andrea O’Reilly, York University.  

Prof. O’Reilly is a highly respected and well-known scholar in the field of motherhood studies. She is the founder and director of the Motherhood Initiative, and founder/editor-in-chief of the Journal of Motherhood Initiative, and author of many important books. Her latest book ‘Matricentric Feminism, Theory, Activism and Practice’ (2016) will be guiding in her opening speech (via zoom) for the Winter School.

Prof. Inge van Nistelrooij, Radboud University.

Describing herself as a mother first in her personal bio, Inge van Nistelrooj is a professor of Philosophy specialized in care-ethics. As a feminist scholar, she is highly engaged with the subject of motherhood, particularly studying the concepts of self-sacrifice, as well as ‘liminality’, in relation to mothering. Among other themes, she will speak on the questions and concerns around the embodiment of motherhood.

Prof. Henny Bos,  University of Amsterdam

Henny Bos is professor of sexual and gender diversity in families and youth. Her long-standing research work concerns same-sex parenting families, focusing for instance on the parental relationships, social support systems, reasons and motives for pregnancy, concerns about stigmatization and coping strategies, among mothers and mothers-to-be in lesbian motherhood. Her talk will concern the potential queering of motherhood(s) and mothering.

Dr. Tine Davis, Radboud University  

Tine Davids is assistant professor in anthropology and development studies. Her expertise is on the politicization of motherhood and together with Karin Willemse (assistant professor of history of Africa, and of gender and Islam) she is working on a book project regarding motherhood with a special focus on belonging and the politics of belonging. The edited volume will be presented at the Winter school during a panel session with presentations by several of the authors. Both Karin and Tine have a long term involvement with LOVA.

Dr. Josje Weusten, Maastricht University

Josje Weusten is a lecturer and researcher in Cultural, Literature and Gender studies focused on the representation of motherhood in Dutch society. In her presentation she will talk about the way motherhood is- and has been framed over time in Dutch narratives of contemporary literature.

Prof. Leonie Cornips, Maastricht University

Leonie Cornips is a professor in Language culture at Maastricht University and a senior-researcher at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is also one of the co-founders of the Center for Animal-Human Studies and has developed an specific interest and commitment to apply a sociolinguistic approach to study nonhuman animal agency. During the Winter School, she will be speaking on the topic of nonhuman motherhood and dairy cow relations.  

Dr. Catrien Notermans, Radboud University

Catrien Notermans is an assistant professor at the anthropology and development studies department. She is an anthropologist and long term LOVA member. She has broad expertise in topics of religious mobility: pilgrimage, migration, family dynamics and transnational kin networks, and did post-doctoral research on child fosterage and motherhood in Cameroon. Based on her most recent research on gender, nature and material religion in urban and rural India, she will speak on the topic of nonhuman motherhood and human-nonhuman entanglements during our Winter School.