International Conference 2017

We are happy to announce our keynote speakers for the LOVA International Conference 2017:

Dr. Katarzyna Grabska (Senior Researcher, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland): “Ethnographic methods: Gender, and (im)mobility in displacement and forced migration”.

Dr. Naomi van Stapele (Postdoc at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam): “Geographies of Fear: Masculinities, Belonging and Im/mobility in the Context of Police Killings”.

You can download the programme of the conference here:

Programme LOVA IC2017

Ethnographies of Gender and Mobility

5 – 7 July 2017, Amsterdam

Mobility has become one of the most important concepts in contemporary social sciences, capturing the idea that life is in flux. Not only is an increasing number of people moving across the world, also ideas, images, information, objects, cultures and many other things are circulating rapidly, affecting people€™s lives in many different ways. Yet, mobility is not equally accessible for everyone, and being mobile is not automatically positive. This conference focuses on the relationship between gender and (im)mobility. What does a gender lens add to our understandings of mobility and immobility? How do relationships of power, especially with regard to gender, get reconfigured in current mobility contexts? What type of new gender (and other) hierarchies, opportunities, and challenges are being created as a result of increased mobility? And what do ethnographic methods contribute to the study of gender and mobility? The fourth LOVA International Conference offers an opportunity to discuss these and other questions, and present new research in the field of gender and mobility.

Participation and registration: Participants may register by sending panel proposals and individual paper abstracts to before March 1st, 2017. We encourage participants to submit audio-visuals and other alternative ways of presenting their research. We also encourage students (undergraduate and graduate) to present their research.
Panel proposals include a short panel abstract (about 200 words), several paper abstracts, and names of organizers/chairs, presenters and a possible discussant. Please also mention the affiliation, address, email-address and discipline of each participant.

Preferred panel format:Panels last 1 hour and 45 minutes. Panel organizers have a certain freedom in the number of papers they wish to present and the length of the presentations. Nevertheless, we encourage 15 to 20 minute paper presentations with 3 – 4 speakers in one session, so that there is time for discussion after the presentations.`

Individual paper proposals should not exceed 200 words. Please also mention affiliation, address, email-address and discipline.

Registration fee: The regular fee is Euro110. LOVA members, PhD students and researchers from low-income countries pay Euro 80. Undergraduate (BA and MA) students pay Euro50.
To complete their registration, all participants should pay the registration fee before April 1st, 2017.

Language: the conference will be held in English.
Programme: will be made available in May 2017.
Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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