LOVA Journal #35

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Journal #35 is a special anniversary edition on “Ethnographies of Gender and the Body” with more than 130 pages of research articles, field memories, debate and reviews to enjoy.

Editor in chief: Silvia Herrero Simancas

Editors: Ans Boersma, Karin Bosman, Ina Keuper, Nienke Muurling, Jasmijn Rana, Jessica Rivers, Carla Schouwenaars, Julienne Weegels.


  • What is on a woman’s mind: Metaphors of the geography of the body, Irma Beusink
  • The Woman mastectomized: Female identity as from the transformd body, Danielle Crespo de Souza  and Ana Keila Mosca Pinezi
  • Sexuality and life strategies among adolescent women in living in territories controlled by the Mara Salvatrucha in El Salvador, Edith Yesenia Peña Sánchez  and Mónica Paola Zúniga Escobgar
  • The weight of the body: An ethnographic view of morbid obesity, technoscience and identity, Avelina Landaverde Martínez ; Edith Yesenia Peña Sánchez; Luciá Ledesma Torres; Manuel Hernández Salazar; Oscar Meneses Luna; and Rafael Sánchez Cabrera
  • Anorexia bodies: Health-disease-care process and body image in young women of Mexico City, Diana Socorro Gómez López; Edith Yesenia Peña Sánches; and Alfredo Paulo Maya
  • Rickshaw driving and the performance of embodied masculinity in far-west Nepal, Matthew W. Maycock
  • The Body as Ethnographic Tool: Empirical emotions and objective subjectivity, Jaco Smit


  • Female Sex Tourism in the Caribbean and Latin America: Theoretical and Methodological changes, Diana Dubrovska
  • Queer Necropolitics and the body: thinking beyond the Euro-center in Transnational Politics, Heather Tucker
  • A Specter is Haunting Heteronormativity, OuraniaTsiakalou


  • Looking,gazing, observing: Showing off and hiding among mirrors and windows in the gym, Caio Rotta Bradbury Novaes
  • The unbearable grasp of the unspoken: Notes from fieldwork, Terje Toomistu
  • Mijn gecamoufleerde lichaam, Carla Schouwenaars


  • My dream for LOVA, Marina de Regt
  • Dillemma’s en raakvlakken van antropologen en romanschrijvers, Marion den Uyl
  • Theatre and the body: Antigone, war and the importance of corporealities, Mick Sarria 
  • The posthuman status of the body: The signature project, Lidija Fištrek


  • Embodied engagements: Feminist ethnography at the crossing of knowledge production and representation, by Karin Willemse and Tine Davids (eds), Special issue of Women’s Studies International Forum 43, 2014. Jasmijn Rama
  • Islam, youth and modernity in the Gambia: The Tablighi Jama’at, by Marloes Janson. Karin Willemse
  • Violence, drugs and crochet: An ethnography of masculinities and changing gender relations along the Mexican Riviera, by Joan van Wijk. Julienne Weegels. 


  • Body works: International LOVA Summer School 2014,  Silvia Herrero Simanca
  • International Conference 2014: Ethnographies of gender and the body, Jasmijn Rana and Julienne Weegels
  • Research fellowship in urgent anthropology: Sudan, Karin Willemse
  • Eredoctoraat voor Nancy Fraser; Promotieonderzoek bekeerd tot islam; Mekka magischer dan Disneyland; Subsidie onderzoeksprojecten Bangladesh

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