LOVA Photo Competition – Jury report

The collection of submissions for Lova’s Photo Competition 2020 inspired a long deliberation of almost three hours and a lot of discussions and reflections. This is a testament to the range of creative, thoughtful, and varied submissions that touched on Gender in Turbulent Times.

Tina Krüger is the Jury Award winner. Tina’s photo and text illustrate (in this local context) how even in turbulent times and with the notion of “women and children first” women with children are in a less advantageous position. The photo contains different layers and lines that pull the viewer in. The entire framing and composition tell the story.

Alessandro Belleli‘s photo “Father looking for” ‘ticked all of the boxes’, both technically and story-wise. The shot is original and engaging. The accompanying autoethnographic description also highlights a male perspective on parenthood which is often invisible.

Andre Malaya M. Ragragio‘s photo and text reflect on the impact of gender across generations. The emotion captured drew us in and this raw, beautiful moment gives the viewer a sense of being there.

Irma Beusink ’s photo “ Our rivers, are our roads”. Whether intentional or not we found it interesting how visually the woman takes a lot of the space while the man appears almost above her or on top of the pyramid. This echoes issues raised in the text. The text stood out amongst all of the submissions as it highlighted essential ethical considerations.

Luisa Machacon perfectly depicts how even in times of uncertainty everyday rituals continue. The composition of the image centers the subject whom we want to know more about and their story.