New Editor in Chief for the LOVA Journal

LOVA has welcomed a new editor in chief to our Journal: Silvia Herrero Simancas. Read her introduction below.

(Auto) Biography in a Nutshell

On an autumn day, I was born in a flat state of Spain. Almost as flat as the Netherlands, but a lot less low… It was in a region known as Castilla in the town of Palencia. Soon I moved to Madrid, where I worked as a journalist while finishing my studies in Communication Sciences. “Like a rolling stone” my life has rolled me quite a bit, moving from Madrid to Buckinghamshire (UK) and back to Spain, to finally establish myself in the Netherlands in 2001.

Besides the colourful tulip fields, the canals, and the cities, I love the Dutch way of being and doing things. There is also certain artistic microcell in my soul that provokes my senses to pay attention to art and design, literature and philosophy. At Leiden, I did a bachelor in Dutch Studies, to which I owe my knowledge of the Dutch language and culture. Also at Leiden, I discovered Gender Studies and among other subjects I coursed the minor “Gender and Sexuality in Literature”. Once involved with gender studies, I decided to continue my journey on the feminist path and in Utrecht I studied the Master “Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics”.

Therefore, I am not an anthropologist by study but I am deeply engaged with gender studies with my heart and soul, as well as with the issues that feminist anthropology researches. I am extremely curious about all your insights as researchers, professionals and scholars. I am very grateful to the LOVA board members for their warm welcome, which makes me feel like an old friend of LOVA. I bring to LOVA my passion for magazines and feminism, my creativity and my inquisitiveness. Together we will make a fantastic LOVA magazine! A dynamic and accessible magazine. A magazine that will become in form and image the embodiment of the necessary high-quality knowledge-production of those committed to gender studies and feminist anthropology.

Silvia Herrero Simancas
Editor in Chief
LOVA Journal