[SUBMISSIONS] LOVA/Marjan Rens MA Thesis Award 2019

Submissions LOVA/Marjan Rens MA Thesis Award 2019

  1. Loes Oudenhuijsen (Leiden University)

’You Have to Know How to Play, Otherwise They Will Catch You’ Young Women and the Navigation of Same-Sex Intimacies in Contemporary Urban Senegal


  1. Alexandra Rodriguez (University of Groningen)

“Learning Where I’m Coming From”: The Identity Construction of 1.5-, Second-, and Fourth- Generation Migrants of Mexican Descent in Florida


  1. Caroline Silveira Campos (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

The Tattoo Art of Existence


  1. Girmay Hailekiros Ayele (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague)

Young Ethiopian Women’s Migration to the Middle East: Agency, decision-making processes and empowerment


  1. Isadora Cardoso Vasconcelos (Maastricht University)

Gender and Climate Change in Pathways of Development Encounters of National Policies with Gender Justice and Climate Justice

  1. Jemma Middleton (Leiden University)

Re-imagining Polyamorous Intimacies:An Ethnography of Polyamorists in the Netherlands


  1. Laurens Tan (Leiden University)

Frontstages en backstages in de wereld van Indonesische Dangdutzangeressen

  1. Liza Koch (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Women’s Rights and Access to Land in Southern Malawi


  1. Maria Jose Ruelas De Leon (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague)

Luchando y Echándole Lucha: The Ability of Women of Naco, Sonora, to Navigate through Obstacles and Borders.

  1. Maria Wagner (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague)

Representing Sexual Transactions in Times of the ´Cuban Thaw´: The Legitimisation of Sexuality Regulation in Cuba´s Anti-Trafficking and HIV-Prevention Strategies

  1. Nika Looman (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Everyday Genderqueerness: Negotiating Dominant Notions of Dutch Citizenship through Everyday Practices in a Binary Gendered Society

  1. Melody Jap (University of Amsterdam)

Women Against Feminism: A Qualitative Research into the Understanding of Modern Western Anti-Feminism in the Context of an Online Community.

  1. Aniek Santema (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Towards which future? Education and Uncertainty among Syrian refugee Youths in Lebanon.