LOVA’s International Summer School 2014: ‘Body Work(s)’

Gender & Feminist Anthropology
Experience Fieldwork and Ethnographies

30 June – 4 July 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

PLUS Writing Boot Camp (optional): 7-8 July 2014
Read the complete information brochure and preliminary programme below.

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LOVA ISS2014: ‘Body Work(s)’

Information Brochure & Preliminary Program

Keep in touch with new perspectives in feminist anthropology and related fields. Enjoy a week of learning by doing and get to know the city of Amsterdam with a small group of international students.

LOVA organizes an International Summer School for the third year on end, with much pleasure. The theme of the LOVA ISS 2014 is: ‘Body Work(s): Presenting Fieldwork in Feminist Anthropology’. Through ‘learning by doing’ we create an academic platform for participants to dive into methodological training with bodily exercises in workshops and lectures, accompanied by good food. Some of the topics of this year are: the ‘slut walk’ in Brazil, the representation of the body in anthropology, sexualized and racialized bodies of sex workers, transgender and intersexuality, the body at the end of life, and the body of the researcher. Research methods such as focus groups, discourse analysis and the art of the creative analytic process are explored. ‘Feelings’ and the senses are very much at the centre of attention of this year’s Summer School. A theatre workshop, vocal coaching and therapeutic stretching provide the students and the tutors with an arena for learning through experience and experimentation. The teachers are encouraged to use interactive methods and we embrace a ‘hands on’ working approach; small field trips / excursions are therefore an intrinsic part of the program. All of the exercises, lectures and workshops are meant to assist the participants to focus on their projects and their bodies, also when presenting their master theses, conference papers or PhD research plans as well as research ‘output’. Therefore some workshops will concentrate specifically on the improvement of presentation skills.

Field excursions in Amsterdam combined with workshops and lectures make our summer school an exceptionally enjoyable learning experience. You will gain knowledge about the culture and history of Amsterdam; we’ll visit a museum, a graveyard and the red light district. Feedback from past years has been very enthusiastic underlining the intense experience of the smaller group approach for methodological training.
The LOVA ISS is designed for students (BA, MA, PhD’s and ABD’s) and life long learners, and combines academic learning with body exercises and good food. Our maxim is to work with anti-hierarchical structures and we invite newly graduated students to teach next to professors. Lastly we provide information about ethnographic ‘tools’ within the parameters of queer, gender and feminist anthropology. Our summer school gives the opportunity to submerge oneself in the methods and conduct of ethnographical field research through interactive didactical methods.

The Venue

The 3rd LOVA ISS will be hosted at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in the historical city centre of Amsterdam, located at Oudezijds Achterburgwal 185 (see picture below). The so-called Spinhuis is part of the University of Amsterdam, which was founded in 1632 and is now one of Europe’s largest universities. The department provides the LOVA ISS with lecture and workshop classrooms as well as a kitchen, a small yard to relax and free Internet access. The Department is easily reachable by public transport, located centrally in the Amsterdam ‘canal belt’. It is a seven-minute tram-ride from Amsterdam Central Station, from which trains are going to the airport and the beach in twenty minutes. Though public transport is relatively cheap, it’s a whole lot nicer to get around by bike or foot.

The ‘Spinhuis’, Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Workshops, lectures and excursions


(1) Erik Bähre (Leiden University, www.erikbaehre.nl): ” ‘The body is mine’: Political protest and beauty dictatorship in Brasila’s Slut Walk”

(2) Julienne Weegels (AISSR/CEDLA): “Focus Groups & Group Dynamics: Observing Bodies in Restricted Environments”

(3) Casey Butler-Camp (University of Amsterdam): “Queer(ing) Ethnographies. Doing things differently: a queer ethnographic collaboration of performers in Amsterdam’s queer spaces”

(4) Noortje van Amsterdam (Utrecht University): “Embodied writing. Exploring the added value of stories, poetry and other forms as academic practices”

(5) Joyce Pijnenburg (University of Amsterdam): “Penelope, Calypso, Diotima and the various faces of desire: Why women should be objects”


(6)Marie-Louise Janssen (University of Amsterdam): “Doing ethnographic research on sexualized and racialized bodies”

(7) Margriet van Heesch (University of Amsterdam): “X & Y Sex and Science, an Ethnography of the  Intersexed Body in The Netherlands”

(8) Marthe de Win (University of Amsterdam): “Maintaining a coherent sense of self when facing radical discontinuity of the body: Narrative identity work at the end of life”

(9) Naomi van Stapelen (University of Amsterdam): “Young, Male Gang Members in Nairobi: Fashioning Access through Styling the Body”

(10) Sylvia Holla (University of Amsterdam): “Beauty work / Body work. Aesthetic labour practices and accounting for the Self”

Body Workshops

(11) Marianne Selleger (www.marianneselleger.nl): “Vocal Coaching & Singing lessons – the Body as your instrument of presentation”

(12) Lilith Turk (www.activehealthcentre.nl): “The body in movement – therapeutic stretching”

(13) Mick Saria (www.lleca.org): “Physical Theater”


(14) Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum (with CarolaLammers)

(15) Graveyard Museum ‘Tot zover’ (www.totzover.nl) (with Marthe de Win)

(16) Red Light District (with Marie-Louise Janssen)

Writing Boot Camp (optional)

For an additional fee, after the summer school we offer a writing boot camp for those of us who are in need of firm writing instructions and a space to write. Under the supervision of a professional writing coach you will learn how to write better, faster and write a lot with pleasure, within the parameters of academic requirements. The writing boot camp is an additional offer to all students of the summer school, but also everybody who likes to join. Hence, it is facultative and you can only attend the summer school without attending the writing boot camp, or attend the writing boot camp without attending the summer school. The writing boot camp takes also place at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and you have to pay an additional fee.

Practical Matters

Highest academic standards are guaranteed.
Certificate of Attendance will be handed out to those attending all lectures and workshops.
3.5 ECTS


Academic degree.
Provisioned level of academic English
Note: Life long learners and professionals with an interest in anthropology, gender and ethnographic fieldwork are very welcome.

Method of Application

We would like to receive a very short letter of motivation. We will inform you about your acceptance within two days after having received the above information. Upon receipt of a confirmation you can proceed with paying the tuition and administration fee that applies to you.

LOVA ISS Schedule

The daily ISS schedule runs from 9.00/10.00 – 17.30/18.00. We guarantee small groups. Courses and workshops are in English. Please note and bring confortable shoes: after lunch we have an obligatory walk around the Spinhuis and stroll around a bit in the historic centre of Amsterdam.


ISS ‘Body Work(s)’:

Students: 315,- Euro
Professionals / institutions: 395,- Euro
Please note it is possible to pay in terms – request this timely together with your application.

The tuition fee of the ISS includes:

All lectures and all workshops
Course material
All excursions mentioned in the program
Extra-curricular classes on location
Free internet and library access
Lunches (5 days)
Coffee, tea, refreshments (5 days)
If enough students register, we will organize a picnic at sea on Friday evening to close the summer school; otherwise we party at the Spinhuis.

Administration fee is an additional 15,- Euro for all applicants.

2-day additional Writing Boot Camp (optional – this is not includes in the Summer School):

Fee for all summer school attendees: 75,- Euro
LOVA members & LOVA ISS alumni: 55,- Euro
Regular fee: 125,- Euro

We look forward to your application and to any question you might have.

Reinhilde Sotiria König & Carola Lammers & Rianne Ridder
Directors LOVA ISS2014
(0031) 6 2 88 301 07