LOVA\’s International Summer Experimental Education 2016: \’War, violence, militarism and reconciliation\’

‘War, violence, militarism and reconciliation’
Ethnographies in Queer, Gender & Feminist Anthropology

11 –15 July 2016

University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Information Brochure

LOVA Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology
www.lovanetwerk.nl | lova.summerschool@lovanetwerk.nl


‘War, militarization, violence and reconciliation’ are the topics of this years LOVA’s School of Experimental Education (SEE). As anthropologists and teachers we want to invite colleagues and students to participate in a week of learning, experimental style. The focus lies on learning ethnographic methods within the frame of feminist anthropology. We can’t wait to open our doors again for a new cohort of highly motivated students and tutors. This year we organize a debate diner, visit the red-light district, we go for a beach teach-in, plus yoga lessons in the open air. We want to leave the university as it is not the space where one can roam freely anymore and we will use the city as a whole to teach, even in front of passers by. We want to open up the learning space and invite the teachers to do so. We encourage experimental teaching and learning by doing. Take this school as an arena of freedom, where you can think aloud, make mistakes and be inspired in a friendly co-operative environment.

LOVA organizes a week of learning for the fifth consecutive year. The first was about ‘Learning by Doing’ the following topics where: ‘Power and Ethnographies’, ‘Body Work(s): Presenting Fieldwork in Feminist Anthropology and ‘Art & Anthropology: People on the Move’, about migration and art. This year we go back to our roots of ‘learning by doing’ and concentrate on ethnographic methods and deepened knowledge. Get to know the city of Amsterdam with a small group of Dutch and international students. We create an academic platform for participants to dive into methodological training with bodily exercises in workshops (mime, theatre, vocal lessons, yoga) and lectures, accompanied by a great deal of hospitality.

Research methods such as focus groups, observation, presentation, participant observation and new conversation / interview techniques are introduced. Small field trips and excursions are an intrinsic part of the program. All of the exercises, lectures and workshops are meant to assist the participants to focus on their projects and their bodies, also when presenting their master theses, conference papers or PhD research plans as well as research ‘output’.

This school is an exceptionally enjoyable learning experience. You will gain knowledge about the culture and history of Amsterdam. Feedback from past years has been very enthusiastic underlining the intense experience of the smaller group approach for methodological training. The LOVA SEE is designed for students (BA, MA, PhD’s) and life long learners. Our maxim is to work with anti-hierarchical structures and we invite newly graduated students to teach next to professors. Lastly we provide information about ethnographic ‘tools’ within the parameters of queer, gender and feminist anthropology. Our school gives the opportunity to submerge in the methods and conduct of ethnographical field research. All of the exercises, lectures and workshops are meant to assist the participants to focus on their research projects, their outlook, their bodies and the wider social, cultural, economic, political, and the aesthetic world. Reaching out to a wide, international, academically trained studentship, we need persuasive tools. We are very excited to hear about your take on this!

The LOVA SEE Venue

Next to different venues in- and outside the city of Amsterdam, the 5th LOVA ISS (from now on SEE) is hosted at the University of Amsterdam in the historical city centre, located at Oudemanhuispoort (see picture on the left) with lecture and workshop classrooms and free Internet access. The Department is easily reachable by public transport, located centrally in the Amsterdam ‘canal belt’. It is a seven-minute tram-ride from Amsterdam Central Station, from which trains go to the airport and the beach within twenty minutes. Though public transport is relatively cheap, it’s a whole lot nicer to get around by bike or on foot!

Practical Matters

Highest academic standards are guaranteed.
Certificate of Attendance will be handed out to those who attend all lectures and workshops.

Academic degree (BA, MA or PhD)
Academic English proficiency.

Method of Application
We would like to receive a short letter (maximum half a page!) stating your motivation to participate. We will inform you about your acceptance in due time. Upon receipt of the acceptance letter please proceed with the payment of the tuition and administration fee that applies to you and you will receive a letter of confirmation and updates about the summer school program. For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us! lova.summerschool@lovanetwerk.nl

Tuition fees LOVA SEE 2016

Two scholarships: 250,- Euro
LOVA members: 315,- Euro
Non-funded BA/MA/PhD Students and Life-long learners: 355,- Euro
Funded: 495,- Euro
Tuition fees LOVA SEE 2016
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Please note it is possible to pay in instalments – request this together with your application. It’s also possible to find accommodation amongst LOVA’s members in Amsterdam. Please do inform us in advance. We do not, however, have additional funding or scholarships available for applicants, except two places for a reduced price of 250,- Euro. The fee includes the administrative fee of 15,- Euro.

The tuition fee of the LOVA SEE includes:

All lectures and all workshops
Course material
All excursions mentioned in the program
Extra-curricular classes on location
Free internet and library access
Breakfast (tea, coffee, cake) & picnic lunches (5 days)
Coffee, tea, refreshments (5 days)

LOVA SEE Schedule

The daily schedule runs from 9.00/10.00 – 17.30/18.00. We guarantee small groups. Courses and workshops are taught in English. Please note to bring comfortable shoes for the excursions as well as the after-lunch walks around the Oudemanhuispoort campus and strolls around part of the historic centre of Amsterdam.

A preliminary programme will be available as soon as possible. Please, do have a look at our former programs on our website.
We look forward receiving your application and to answer any questions that you might have!
Warmest regards,

LOVA SEE committee

Academic Director: Reinhilde Sotiria König (+31 (0) 6 2883 0107)
Creative Directors: Nathalie Roos & Carola Lammers
Chair LOVA: Marina de Regt

LOVA Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology
www.lovanetwerk.nl | lova.summerschool@lovanetwerk.nl