About LOVA

LOVA is an active network of engaged feminist anthropologists within and outside the Netherlands. LOVA’s members are very diverse: they consist of students, junior and senior academics and professionals working outside of academia. LOVA’s academic members study gender in relation to a wide variety of topics such as development, sexuality, ethnicity, poverty, multiculturalism, conflict and globalization. LOVA members are also actively involved in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

LOVA organizes:

  • Seminars and workshops
  • International conferences
  • Photo competitions and a thesis award
  • A summer school: School of Experimental Education (SEE)

LOVA members receive the LOVA Mail Service (LMS), which keeps you up-to-date about: new publications in the field, call for papers, conferences, job vacancies, important news in the academic world, and of course LOVA activities.

LOVA members receive the yearly LOVA journal, including research and opinion articles, short essays, book reviews, field reports and interviews.