Jasmijn Rana [Chair] is an assistant professor at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University.  Her research is characterized by a critical look at contemporary society in which discussions on the embodiment, gender and race/ethnicity take centre stage.
Ina Keuper [Treasurer] retired in 2014 from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she has been lecturing and doing management tasks for nearly four decades.
Tine Davids [Board member] is an assistant professor at the Department of Anthropology and Development Studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Her research interests are Gender and Political Subjectivity, Gender Mainstreaming, Motherhood and Citizenship, Belonging and (Re) Migration, Feminist Ethnography, Narrative approach and Artistic Methods.
Juliette Roussel [Board member] is a research master’s student at the French research school of EHESS and graduated in political science, from UvA, with a specialization in political theory and Middle Eastern studies. Her research interests are Gender, Postcolonialism, Power dynamics in Academia and Language.
Nabila Tasneem Anonnya [Secretary] is doing her Master’s in Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research interest primarily includes Feminism, Gender Rights, Religion and Law. She takes a particular interest in the politics of control and ownership of women’s bodies.
Elsa Charlety [Editor in Chief LOVA Journal] is a Lecturer at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Leiden University. Her research explores modes of producing scientific and cultural knowledge by interrogating the role played by gender, race, and the environment in the way that knowledge was produced, shared and spread.
Ana Carolina de Assis Nunes [Editor board member]
Ana is a doctoral student in anthropology at Oregon State University, working with cultures of computing and producing knowledge at the intersection of anthropology and Science and Technology Studies (STS). Her research interests include artificial intelligence, digital and data-driven technologies, and their makers in the US context.
Lise Zurné [Editor board member]
Lise’s research focuses on the performance of modern war history in historical reenactment. She hereby analyzes how reenactors negotiate, mediate and experience contested histories, including (de/re-)colonisation in Indonesia, gender representation and the performance of suffering in relation to WWII in Europe. She works within the fields of visual and media anthropology, popular culture, and memory and heritage studies.

Loes Oudenhuijsen [Editor board member] Loes is a PhD candidate at the African Studies Centre at Leiden University. Her research concerns transformations and continuations in gender norms in Senegal, through a focus on the positioning of sexually dissident women in society. Following the trajectories of a number of queer women, sex workers and feminist activists, she explores the debates that their agency engenders concerning the position of women and their sexual rights in society.

Hamida Massaquoi [Editor board member]
Hamida is a PhD Candidate in Development and African Studies at the University of East Anglia and the University of Copenhagen. Her research centres around the experience of teenage mothers from religious communities in Sierra Leone. Through an ethnographic approach, she explores the intersections of gender, sexuality, religion and reproductive health.

Claire Delhumeau [Editor board member]
Claire Delhumeau is a Junior lecturer in anthropology at the University of Amsterdam and a textile artist. Her area of interest and research involves performing arts, dance, movement and processes of creation, with a focus on experiences of accuracy and alignment.
Paula Vermuë [Editor board member]
Paula is a researcher at the Radboudumc in Nijmegen and a junior lecturer at the Anthropology department of the University of Amsterdam. Paula researches informal support systems for survivors of partner violence. She focuses specifically on the role of hairdressers in the Netherlands in signalling and addressing partner violence amongst their clients. In September 2023, Paula will start a PhD position at the Anthropology Department of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, to do research on family (un)making in Uganda.