Multimodal competition

Since 2016, a LOVA committee organises the LOVA Multimodal Competition biennially, focussing on a specific theme in line with LOVA’s mission to enhance feminist anthropology and ethnographic gender studies. The competition is organized in the Spring and published through LOVA’s social media, such as its Facebook page. Participants are invited to submit a picture, drawing, short video, or animation. A jury of experts in the field of visual anthropology will select several contributions for the Jury Award. The award winners will be donated a picture or book voucher of fifty euros and a two-year LOVA membership. Winning contributions will be published in the LOVA Journal, added by some other best pictures selected by the jury. The winning contributions will also be published on the LOVA website.

The winning picture of the photo competition 2016

LOVA Multimodal competition 2022

LOVA Multimodal competition 2020

LOVA Multimodal competition 2018

LOVA Multimodal competition 2016